RISD offers a wide-range of naming opportunities to those who contribute lead gifts to facilitate the ISB renovation project.


Ground Floor

An expanded gallery will facilitate a robust program of public lectures by visiting artists and illustrators, along with a full schedule of rotating exhibitions featuring work by students and faculty. A more open reception area and foyer will provide a central hub for interaction among students and faculty, who will have offices on this floor as well. A new woodshop and departmental conference room will offer additional spaces for interaction and collaboration.

  • woodshop + technician's office
  • conference room
  • gallery
  • reception
  • faculty office suite



Second Floor

The renovation will address the department’s urgent need for more home space — those all-important places where Illustration majors work on projects and establish some of the most valuable relationships of their professional lives. The second floor will also house a large painting studio, a small student lounge and shared printing area, along with much-needed storage space.

  • student home spaces
  • painting studio
  • low storage for works in progress
  • print node + student lounge


Third Floor

Like the floor below, this floor will be largely dedicated to providing home spaces for Illustration majors. At present, approximately 90 home spaces are available for almost 300 students, so the need to expand this type of creative space is great. The third floor will also offer storage space for safely housing large drawings and paintings in progress, along with a seminar room.

  • student home spaces
  • painting studio
  • property storage for works in progress
  • seminar room



Fourth Floor

Five classrooms will offer clean surfaces, plenty of wall space and connectivity for student-owned laptops. With digital imaging integral to just about every course offered in Illustration, these spaces will be used to teach e-book design, animation, 3D graphics, digital photography, gaming and other forms of digital illustration. A shared student workroom with a spray booth will allow for the production of larger works. In addition, a second small gallery and lounge will extend the visibility of student and professional work.

  • classrooms
  • student work room
  • student lounge + gallery
  • seminar room


Fifth Floor

Two large painting studios will help meet the ongoing need for large, open studio space to accommodate the many courses requiring this type of teaching environment. The top floor will also provide additional on-site storage for works in progress, which is especially important for sophomores, who lack assigned home spaces.

  • painting studios
  • storage units




Additional space in the building across the street will be renovated to meet the needs of Illustration majors. A new printmaking facility will provide an essential resource, as will a light-safe room and digital printing area. Their close proximity to the computer lab will foster exploration at the intersection of analogue and digital technologies.

  • printmaking studio
  • computer lab
  • digital printing space
  • light-safe room


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Homepage illustration: Chris Buzzellii BFA 95 / faculty member, The World Turned Upside Down

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